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WorldShare Reports training

OCLC offers self-paced courses and practices and shorter videos on WorldCat Discovery.

Training questions? Please visit OCLC Training FAQ.

For WorldShare Reports training in French, please see Formation en Français.


WorldShare Reports

Start here: Standard reports 

Watch a video

In this nine-minute video you’ll learn about WorldShare Reports,
specifically standard or pre-defined reports. You’ll learn how to
access the reports, and how to use user prompts and input controls
to select data for the report, and view or filter that data.

Scheduling reports

Watch a video

In this 8-minute video, you'll learn how to schedule reports (including selecting a destination), and how to retrieve scheduled reports.

Export options

Watch a video

In this one-minute video, learn about exporting reports in specific
file formats that can be used outside WorldShare Reports.

Navigate the acquisitions fund balance report

Access tutorial

Using the Fund Balance report, this self-paced tutorial reviews
creating a PDF of the report, filtering by over committed funds,
and filtering by top level and child funds.

WorldShare Report Designer

Users of Report Designer will benefit from using the WorldShare Reports training as a starting point (Start here: Standard reportsScheduling reports and Export options)

For additional Report Designer learning options, please see the following materials:

WorldShare Report Designer: Terminology and interface

Access tutorial

In this self-paced tutorial, you’ll learn about terminology used in WorldShare Report Designer, and practice navigating in the Report Designer interface.

Exploring the data

Access exercise

This exercise consists of 12 questions and answers, designed to
familiarize you with these reports, universes, and data elements.

Create a report

Watch a video

In this seven-minute video you’ll learn how to use WorldShare Report Designer to create a simple report.

Multiple universe reports 

Watch a video

In this thirteen-minute video, you’ll learn how to create multiple universe reports in WorldShare Report Designer. People also refer to this task as making cross-universe reports, or merging data from different universes.

Saving and retrieving reports

Watch a video

In this six-minute video you’ll learn about options for saving and retrieving reports you’ve created in WorldShare Report Designer.

Modify an existing report

Watch a video

In this ten-minute video you’ll learn how to modify existing reports.  These could be standard reports, or reports that you have previously created in Report Designer.