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Override Credentials

Use this screen to reset the password associated with your library's override credentials in WorldShare.

To access this screen, sign in to OCLC Service Configuration, open the WMS Circulation left navigation, select Admin/General and then Override Credentials.

WorldShare Circulation staff with the Circulation Admin role can use this screen to create, update, and delete library override credentials. 

  • In the Circulation staff interface, these credentials can be entered by a supervisor to allow a student or other desk worker to temporarily exceed your library's policies or to complete a restricted action. See Circulation account roles to learn more about when a supervisor's override credentials are required.

 Note: To limit unwanted policy overrides and functional access to sensitive areas of WorldShare, OCLC recommends limiting the number of override credentials for your institution. For example, you may wish to maintain one set of credentials per physical location, per circulation desk supervisor, etc. It is not recommended to create one set of credentials per staff user. Instead, consider giving trusted library staff a more privileged role. You should also consider deleting override credentials or resetting PIN values as library staff leave your organization or in a predetermined timeframe. 

Create override credentials

To create override credentials:

  1. Click on the Create New link.
  2. Enter a Username
  3. Enter the barcode of the user account whose permissions are applied with the override in the User to act as setting.
  4. Enter the PIN to use in the Reset override Pin setting. 
  5. Re-enter the PIN to Confirm override Pin.
  6. Click Save.

Edit or Delete override credentials

Click on the username to edit or delete a set of credentials. When editing, you may:

  • Delete the credentials
  • Change the user account whose permissions are applied with the override by adding the new barcode to the Select a different user to act as setting.
  • Reset the override PIN.