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Information for ZFL administrators

Find information for ZFL administrators to set up integration with WorldShare.

WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery can be configured to redirect patron requests to BSZ, BVB, and KOBV. All other instances of ZFL-Server may contact OCLC Support to be added to the supported list.

Refer to Place Hold/Request Buttons to learn how to enable ZFL requesting from WorldCat Discovery for BSZ, BVB, or KOBV libraries.

When a patron wishes to place a ZFL request, WorldCat Discovery will make an HTTPS request to your ZFL gateway that includes:

  • The requested OCLC number (WMS title identifier)
  • The requesting patron’s WorldCat Registry ID (WMS institution identifier)

 Note: WorldCat Discovery will not share the requesting patron’s unique identifier. Your gateway must authenticate the user to determine the user’s WMS identifier (PPID), name, and email address and to verify that the user consents to share this data with your ZFL system.

If library staff will place requests on behalf of library patrons, then library staff can use the WorldShare Admin interface to look up the relevant data about the requesting patron.

WorldShare Identity Management API

WorldShare patron authentication and subsequent requests for patron data requires an integration with the WorldShare Identity Management API.

Your gateway must authenticate the requesting patron using the OCLC OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server. The OAuth Server will provide the requesting scope that will give you access to the WorldShare Identity Management API’s /Me endpoint.

After authorizing the requesting patron, your gateway will use the resulting access token to call the /Me endpoint to lookup the patron’s name, email, and Patron Personal Identifier (PPID). When placing passive ZFL requests, the PPID is required as the unique WMS user identifier for the requesting patron.

To request a WSKey for the WorldShare Identity Management API, please contact  

WorldShare Circulation

Library staff can use WorldShare Circulation to process ZFL requests. For example, Circulation will create temporary items and patron hold requests for material borrowed via ZFL. Library staff will also be asked to pull and route materials to be loaned to another library.

To learn more about library workflows and WMS configuration, refer to Integration with ZFL Server.

Integration checklist

The following activities must be completed to integrate with WorldShare Management Services.

checkmark.gif Activity Notes

Verify that all institutions and branches that participate in your ZFL-Server instance are registered in the WorldCat Registry with the appropriate ISILs.

  • ISILs will be used as unique institution-level or branch-level identifiers for processing SLNP messages.

Ensure that OCLC numbers can be provided and processed as WMS title identifiers.

An OCLC number will be provided in PFL requests initiated in WorldCat Discovery.

  • When submitting an AFL request to a WMS library, an OCLC number must be provided.
  • You may use one or more OCLC services to lookup or synchronize WMS library holdings:

Upgrade to ZFL-Version 6.0 or later.


Add an entry for WMS to the ZFL routing table.

  • Add W to table zf7leitweg.zf7service

Verify that your ZFL-Server can support SSL encryption of SLNP messages.

  • An SSL certificate may need to be installed on your ZFL-Server.
  Verify that inbound SLNP messages from WMS can be received and processed by the ZFL-Server.
  • Changes may be needed to the local firewall, DNS, etc. 
  • Contact OCLC Support for more information about IP safe listing. 

Use the WorldShare Identity Management API to request patron data from WMS, including a user’s unique, pseudonymous WMS identifier (PPID).


Provide your ZFL server’s hostname and port to participating WMS libraries.

  • WMS will verify your ZFL-Server using your hostname and port. Additional authorization is not required.

Enable SLNP communication with each WMS institution using OCLC Service Configuration.

  • For more details about enabling ZFL-Server integration for WMS, refer to ILL Settings.

Send SLNP messages to WMS using the following:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 5255

Enable ZFL requesting from WorldCat Discovery using OCLC Service Configuration (optional).

  • Add a resource sharing button to WorldCat Discovery that will redirect the patron’s request to BVB, KOBV, or BSZ for processing.
  • For more details, refer to Place Hold/Request Buttons.

SLNP message support

The following SLNP messages are supported by WorldShare Management Services.

Message Sender
SLNPPFLDatenAenderung ZFL
SLNPInfo2FLServer Cancel WMS or ZFL
SLNPInfo2FLServer CancelAF WMS or ZFL
SLNPInfo2FLServer Shipped WMS
SLNPInfo2FLServer Returned WMS