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Find settings for integrating with Offline Client, POS Printer Preferences, SIP2 Configuration, ILL Settings, and ASR Policy.
  • Offline Client
    Find information about downloading and using the Offline Client, which is an application that allows you to perform circulation transactions while the WorldShare Circulation system is not available and upload them when the system is available again.
  • POS Printer Preferences
    Use this screen to download the POS (point of sale) printer application and set your port number.
  • SIP2 Configuration
    Use this screen to specify the settings for your SIP2 client (such as a self checkout machine).
  • SIP2 IP Address
    Use this screen to register the IP addresses of your SIP2 clients for communication with the server.
  • SIP2 Custom Messages
    Use this screen to customize messages to patrons when using SIP2 integration with WorldShare Circulation.
  • ILL Settings
    Use this screen if you are enabling integration between WorldShare Circulation and Tipasa, WorldShare ILL, ZFL-Server, or Relais D2D.
  • Patron PIN Settings
    Learn how to allow patrons to set their PIN in My Account.