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Why is the unpay button missing from an invoice?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Acquisitions 

The reason that the unpay button is not showing up on an invoice is likely to protect the integrity of and relationships between your WorldShare Acquisitions data.

  1. The button could be missing due to certain expenditure types on the invoice.  Please check to see if the expenditure types credit, refund, or supplemental items are a part of the invoice.  These types are not allowed to be unpaid by the system.  This is done to keep the relationship of your expenditure data in place.  If you unpay the original paid invoice item, you open the possibility of deleting the invoice item, which would nullify the connection between the credit, refund, or supplemental items and the original invoice item.
  2. The button could be missing to preserve the integrity of a closed budget.  Please check to see if there is an item on the invoice that appears on a closed budget.  If this is the case, then unpaying the invoice would re-encumber the money on the closed budget, and changes are not allowed to closed budgets.
Additional information

Additional information about how to unpay an invoice is available.

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