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View LHR Change History

Discover how to enable and view the LHR Change History.


The LHR Change History allows you to view a list of actions performed on a local holdings record. Actions that display in the LHR Change History include edits to LHR fields such as the call number, branch or shelving location, barcode, notes, and more.

A user with the Cataloging Admin role assigned can enable and view the LHR Change History. Users with the following roles can view the LHR Change History if it has been enabled, but cannot enable or disable it themselves:

  • LHR History Viewer
  • Cataloging Full

Refer to Record Manager account roles for more information.

View the LHR Change History

The LHR Change History table is off by default and must be enabled in the WorldShare Record Manager panel. Enabling it will cause the LHR Change History to appear throughout Record Manager, Circulation, and Acquisitions. Refer to Enable the LHR Change History for more information.


  • It may take up to 10 minutes for the LHR updates to be reflected in the LHR Change History table.
  • If the change history for a LHR is very large, only the most recent changes will be displayed.

View LHR Change History in the LHR editor

  1. From the LHR editor, scroll down to the LHR Change History accordion. The change history associated with the local holdings record is visible.
  2. (Optional) You can collapse the LHR Record accordion to make it easier to access the LHR Change History accordion.

View the LHR Change History from Text View

  1. From the LHR Text View for an item, copy, or multipart set, click on the Change History tab in the header. The tab label changes to reflect the type of LHR you are viewing:
    • Item Change History - Single copy
    • Copy Change History - Serials
    • Multipart Set Change History - Multiparts

Available LHR Change History columns

The LHR Change History includes the following columns:

Column Description
Date/Time Displays the date and time that the action was performed. 
User Displays the name of the user who performed the action. 

 Note: This information only displays if Retain user information has been enabled in Institution Settings.


Displays the type of action taken on the LHR.

  • Create - When a LHR is first created
  • Update - When an existing LHR is updated, including edits to existing fields in the LHR and adding or removing fields in an existing LHR
  • Delete - When an LHR is deleted

     Note: The delete action only appears in the Change History within the WorldShare Circulation Withdrawn Item Details.

  • Move - Fields that were in an LHR when it was moved to a different bibliographic record
Source Application

Displays the source application, and the location within that application, where the action was taken.

  • Acquisitions
  • Acquisitions - Item/Copy Editor
  • Acquisitions - My LHRs
  • Circulation - Item/Copy Editor
  • Circulation - My LHRs
  • Connexion
  • Collection Manager - Data Sync Collection
  • Item/Copy Editor
  • Record Manager - LHR Editor
  • Record Manager - My LHRs
  • Record Manager - Record Work Lists
  • Record Manager - Text View
  • Serials Management - Complete Binding
  • Serials Management - Recall from Bindery
  • Serials Management - Send to Bindery
Field Changed Displays which LHR field was changed. 
Old Value Displays the old value of the changed LHR field, if applicable. 
New Value Displays the new value of the changed LHR field, if applicable.