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Unreceive a serial issue

Discover how to unreceive a serial title or issue in WorldShare Acquisitions.

Once you've found the serial (via Discover Items), then:

  • Use the Issues screen to manage and receive issues from current subscriptions.
  • Use the Copies screen for a comprehensive view of your serial holdings and the ability to edit them.


  • Serials data migrated from an ILS into WMS does not show up on the Issues screen, so all current subscriptions must be manually added via Manage Issues.
  • Serials management processes for unreceiving rely on issues being on the same LHR on which they were received. If you move the issues to a different LHR before unreceiving, those serials management processes will not be able to find the issue to complete the process. It is recommended that if you wish to use serials management for post-receiving actions like unreceiving and binding, you should not modify the issues in question beforehand.

Unreceive issue

 Note: Unreceiving an issue does not change its first received date.

  1. Search for the serial in Discover Items in the left navigation.
  2. From the search results, click the serial's title.
  3. Click the Receive Issues tab.
  4. Find the issue you want to unreceive. In the issue's Action column, click Receive or Unreceive.
  5. The Receive Issues window appears, listing the library's shelf copies (local holdings records) for the title.
  6. On the Receive Issues window, uncheck the Received box. The check mark and barcode disappear and Yes changes to No.
  7. Click Save.
    • In the Copies Received column, the number of copies received decreases by the number of copies you unreceived.
    • The item record for the issue is removed from the copy (local holdings record), which appears on the Issues and Copies screens (under Holdings for Selected Copy).
    • After being unreceived, the status of the item record is set to withdrawn. For more information, see Withdrawn status.