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Receive a serial issue

Discover how to locate and receive a serial issue in WorldShare Acquisitions.

Once you've found the serial (via Discover Items), then:

  • Use the Issues screen to manage and receive issues from current subscriptions.
  • Use the Item Copies screen for a comprehensive view of your serial holdings and the ability to edit them.

 Note: Serials data migrated from an ILS into WMS does not show up on the Issues screen, so all current subscriptions must be manually added via Manage Issues.

Serial issue workflow 

  1. Create (add) issue
    1. Created by any WMS Acquisitions library
  2. Start receiving
    1. Indicates you plan to start receiving
    2. Triggers claiming notices
  3. Set publication pattern
  4. Receive issue
    1. Received by any WMS Acquisitions library

Before receiving

  1. You must have a copy (local holdings record) for the title to receive issues. You can add copies (local holdings records) on the Copies screen. See Create copy (local holdings record) for more information.
  2. The issue must appear on the Receive Issues tab. If it does not, it must be added. Add issues on the Manage Issues tab.

     Note: When you add issues using Manage Issues, this becomes global data. See Manage global issues for more information.

Receive issue

  1. Search for the serial in Discover Items in the left navigation.
  2. From the search results, click the serial's title.
  3. On the Issues screen, click the Receive Issues tab.
  4. Locate the issue you want to receive. In the issue's Action column, click Receive.
  5. The Receive Issues window appears, listing the library's shelf copies (local holdings records) for the title.
  6. On the Receive Issues window, there are two ways to receive an issue:
    1. Enter a barcode, which automatically receives the issue.
    2. Check the Received box without entering a barcode.
  7. Click Save.
    • The Copies Received column shows the copy has been received.
    • An issue is created for the copy (local holdings record), which appears on the Issues and Copies screens (under Holdings for Selected Copy).

Watch a video

Serials issues management

Run time: 13:53

This video goes through the steps for serials issues management for a new serial subscription. This includes selecting a bibliographic record, adding issues metadata, setting the Start Receiving options, setting a publication pattern and receiving issues.