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Withdraw a received item

Discover how to withdraw an item you received from the Receive and Invoice screen in WorldShare Acquisitions.

One or more items that were ordered, and then received, can be withdrawn.

Follow the instructions below to withdraw an item you received from the Receive and Invoice screen.

 Note: In order to prevent you from accidentally withdrawing multiple items, you can only withdraw one item at a time.

  1. From the left navigation, click Receive and Invoice.
  2. Click Receive.
  3. Click the Search Text form field and then press <Enter>.
  4. If it is not present, enable the Receipt Status column.
    1. Click the gray gear button (Gray gear button) above the right-most column.
    2. In the Show Columns window, select Receipt Status.
    3. Close the Show Columns window by clicking anywhere outside it.
  5. Select Received from the Receipt Status drop-down list.
  6. Locate for the item you received and now want to withdraw
  7. (Optional) You may also narrow your results by one of the filters below.
    Search filters - Table
    To search by Use retrieval method
    Zoeken Select an index with which to limit your search from the list:
    • Keyword
    • Title (default)
    • Copy Number
    • Barcode
    • Invoice Number
    • ISBN
    • ISSN
    • Order Item Number
    • Order Number
    Content Type Select the content type of the item from the list.
    • To return to the list of all items, select the blank space in the list.
    Branch Select the branch the item is to be delivered to from the list.
    • The branch is in the Location column on the order.
    • To return to the list of outstanding items, select the blank space in the list.
  8. Click Withdraw in the Receipt Status column. The item is withdrawn automatically.
     Note: When a received item is withdrawn
    • the Receipt Status changes to Withdrawn.
    • the item's local holdings record is removed.

See Withdrawn status for more information on withdrawn items.