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Receive shelf-ready materials

Discover how to receive shelf-ready monographs and shelf-ready items in WorldShare Acquisitions.

Shelf-ready data contains the barcodes and call numbers of the items you ordered.

See Import invoice and shelf-ready data from MARC file for instructions on importing shelf-ready data.

Receive shelf-ready monographs using partner exchange services

  1. Upload your shelf-ready data file. See Import invoice and shelf-ready data from MARC file > Upload file. The file you uploaded appears in the first row of the Processing Log.
     Note: If you do not see the file in the Processing Log, click the Refresh button (Refresh button) above the table. After you upload the file, you will also receive an email with the file's import details.
  2. The system fills in the shelf-ready information included in the data file you imported.
  3. In the Details column of the Processing Log, click the first Receive: link. This will bring you to the Receiving screen.
  4. On the left navigation, under Receive and Invoice, in the Action list, select Receive.
  5. For each item:
    1. The call number and barcode of the item will be populated.
    2. Place your cursor in the Barcode field and press <Enter> to receive the item.
    3. The item appears in the Item(s) processed in this session section at the bottom of the screen. The item is received and a local holdings record is created.
  6. Repeat the process if there are additional Receive: links listed in the Details column of the Processing Log.

Receive shelf-ready items from outstanding items screen

You may also look up each item on the View Items screen under Receive and Invoice. See instructions on Receive monographs without invoicing or Receive and invoice monographs at the same time.

 Note: If you have imported the bar code of the shelf-ready items, you can scan the bar code into the search box of the View Items screen.