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About My Labels

Discover how to navigate the My Labels interface in WorldShare Acquisitions.


Within Acquisitions, you can create spine labels from item details or LHR search results. Your list of labels is only viewable by you and not by other users in your institution.

My Labels supports the following label formats:

  • A12360
  • Custom Label
  • Custom Label Set
  • L7651
  • SL4
  • SL6
  • SLB
  • SP1

Navigate to Acquisitions > My Labels to work with your labels.

In this area, you can:

My Labels interface overview

1. Label Print Lists

The Label Print Lists screen allows to you create up to 100 label lists as well as edit, preview, and print labels. You can select which label print list will be selected as the default list when sending records to a label print list. By default, the first label print list you create will be selected as the default list.

2. Label Templates

The Label Templates screen allows you to create up to 25 customized label templates where you can set preferences for label format, page and label margins, font styles and sizes, and content types for the data on your labels.