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Find an overview of the serials features available in OLIB Service Pack 13.

Update Circ.List on Iss.Copies

A new button Update Circ.List on Iss.Copies populates expected serial issues, with the current value in Serial Copies: Circulation List. It is useful if you have generated serial issues before adding the Circulation List to the Serial Copy record.

The button has been added to the Serial Copies layout:

In Serials Management go to Serials Copies and search for the journal/serial. The button is visible when in modify mode:

When you use the button, OLIB provides an Alert.

This will assign the current value for the Serial Copies’ Circulation list to the associated Issue Copies that are yet to be checked in. Issues that have already been checked-in will not be updated.

Note: Update Circ.List on Iss.Copies can also clear the circulation list value on the existing expected issue copies - it will update the Circ List on the expected Issue Copies with whatever value (or NULL value) is currently in the Serial Copy record.