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Amend layouts

Learn about the layouts used in OLIB and how to amend them.

Please refer to the ‘How to Use the Layout Manager in OLIB Web’ for more details about editing layouts. This is available for download from the ‘For Customers’ website.

The Cataloguing Layout

A sheet for the management of looseleafs and standing orders is available.

The Looseleaf Management sheet should be added to the layouts commonly used for cataloguing items with the chosen media type. Here it is assumed that looseleafs are books as far as media type is concerned and the Looseleaf Management sheet is added to the General layout and positioned before the Audit Trail sheet.

If your OLIB system is upgraded after you have made layout changes like this to a standard layout, then your layout will be renamed with the *** prefix (in this case ***General). A new General layout will be present after the upgrade. If this new layout includes functions or fields you wish to adopt you may need to either edit your ***General layout further, or just add the Looseleaf Management sheet to the new General layout and make that your default layout.

The Order Items Layout

If standing orders (either MVSO or MVFPO) are to be processed in OLIB the Order Items layouts must be altered. Two additional sheets are available in the Layout Manager - MV Main and MV Main (RO) on which a number of additional attributes are displayed.

The additional attributes on these sheets are:

  • Order Sub-Type
  • Multi-Vol Order start Date/Date Range
  • Subscription Start Date
  • Subscription End Date
  • First Due – This need only be added if claims are to be generated.
  • Multi-Vol Order Default Part

You could choose to add these fields to the Order Items Standard Layout and the equivalent Order Items Standard Layout (Read only), but it probably simpler, and more practical to just add those sheets to the layouts and, when working with order items, choose which sheet to use depending on what type of item you are ordering.

 Although the new sheets you have added are clearly named MV Main and MV Main (RO) their labels are both Main. It is recommended that you change the labels to avoid confusion.

You will need to create a draft copy of this sheet and then edit it to change the label.

Then save and publish the sheet with the amended label.

Repeat this process on the Order Items Standard Layout (Read-only) for the MV Main (RO) sheet.

The Copies Layout

If a record of filing dates is to be kept – the Looseleaf Update History attribute should be added to the Copies layout.

Enable the Check-In Layout

By default the Check-In Standard layout will be available when you check in, but the Check In Multi-Vol will not. You can enable the Check In Multi-Vol by attaching the Cat infotype.

You will also need to attach the Cat infotype to the Check-In Standard layout or that will not be available to checking-in normal order items.