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Some of our student record files have not imported into OLIB

  • Patron data files are being sent and imported, but some student records are not populating on the system.
Applies to
  • OLIB Web

For reasons of PII/Data Protection OCLC only keep the most recent patron data file sent.

At any time, you can check the user import history (number of records and file sizes) via OLIBWeb, to see how many records are being received from them and imported each night as follows:

Data Exchange > Import Batch > Search for Daystart > Daystart scheduled import > Users

The OLIB system can only process a single OLSTF file from a customer’s SFTP account each night:  olib/in/patron/OlibUsers.txt

The file must be uploaded to that directory and must be named OlibUsers.txt (case-sensitive)

A process will check for files between a set period of time and the process will take the first OlibUsers.txt file that lands during that time period.  This process copies the file to the OLIB server ready to be imported by daystart which runs daily at a specific time.

If multiple files are sent then the system will only import the first one it finds.  Therefore, all the student records must be included in one single file.

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