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I have deleted a sheet by accident

  • A Sheet or Layout that existed previously is no longer there.
Applies to
  • OLIB Web

In Service Pack 13, improvements to management and operations on layouts were introduced.   It is now possible to extract a Layout from one OLIB system (such as a test environment) and import it into another (such as a live environment).  It is also now possible to share Layouts between OLIB systems.  This two step process is outlined in OLIB Service Pack 13 Release Notes.

N.B. To reinstate a Sheet you have deleted using this method your Hosted OLIB must have had a 'refresh' since you created the sheet you are wanting to reinstate.

1. In your Test System, go to Admin Client Configuration > Layouts 

2. Search for the Layout you are looking to copy

3. When you have identified the correct Layout, check the Layout from the the results list and select Export from the Other Actions drop down.

4. A pop-up box will display.  Click Please click here to start your export download and once the download has completed click Close.

N.B. Any controls included in this Layout that have no style associated will not be re-created in the target system.

5. Logout of your Test System and Log in to your Live OLIB System.

6. Open the Data Exchange > Import Batch > New Record

7. Select Batch Type, Layout Import

8. Provide a Description and in Files to Import click New and create an Object

9. From the Type dropdown on the Object page, select Binary File

10. Check the File box and make sure that the In Database and Import Now? dropdown fields are set to Yes

11. Click Save and Close

12. Choose your file

13. Click Save and Close

14. On the OLIB Layout Import click Save and Close

15. Check the box in the Files to Import and on the Actions dropdown click Process

16. An Alert pop-up will appear, check the Load box and click OK

17. Click OK when the next pop-up appears

18. Wait 30 seconds or so and click Save and Continue (you will then see that the Status is Loaded and time-stamped)

16. Click Save and Close


It may take a short while, but you should now be able to see the new Layout/Sheet appear.   If you cannot see your new Layout/Sheet then contact OCLC Support for further assistance.

N.B. When importing, any Layouts with a matching name in the domain will be replaced with the new Layout(s) supplied.

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