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How do I insert line breaks in the privacy policy hover text without it being in double line spacing?

Applies to
  • OLIB Folio

If you want to insert a line break in the hover text for your privacy policy footer link in Folio a carriage return or the break <br/> will result in double line spacing.  If you would prefer single line spacing you should include the hex value for the line break (&#013;) in displayFooterText rather than a carriage return.

The following example text would be used in the value field for the displayFooterText setting and incorporates line breaks with single line spacing.
Local elements of the text eg. your privacy policy url should be amended as required.

"Powered by <STRONG>OLIB</STRONG>, &copy; <a target='new' href=''>OCLC (UK) Ltd</a> 2013-2018 <A HREF=''' target='new'
TITLE='This institution processes personal information for the&#013;purpose of providing this service. Please review the Privacy&#013;Policy for additional information.'>Privacy Policy</A>"
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