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Configure keyword index

Learn about the changes that can be made to the keyword index in OLIB.

►System Administration> Keyword Indexes

The main Keyword Index is used in the Titles domain and in the OPAC, where the Keyword search searches several fields in the bibliographic record.

Adding and removing domains is controlled though the Attributes section.

 Caution: consider carefully before altering which fields should be indexed. For systems with narrow subject coverage indexing too many fields may hinder information retrieval.

  • Add and remove fields from the index
  • Create and drop the index (normally required when a change has been made to the fields included)
  • Run the indexing process

Remove an index value

For example, to remove the Title ISNs attribute:

  1. In the Keyword Indexes domain open the Main Word Index in modify mode.
  2. Select e.g. Title ISNs in the Attributes list.
  3. Remove using Delete record.

OLIB prompts if you want to remove the value.

Add an index value

  1. In the Keyword Indexes domain open the Main Word Index in modify mode.
  2. In Attributes click New.
  3. Click on the drop down in the Domain field. A list of available domains will be displayed.
  4. Choose e.g. the Title ISNs value to be added back.  
  5. Click on the drop down in the Attribute List field to view a list of the attributes that exist in the Title ISNs domain. In this case one attribute can be added and saved back to the main Word Index record.
  6. Click to save the changes. The Title ISNs attribute is now included in the Main Word Index.

Add an index value from the Titles domain

For more complex domains (e.g. Titles) many of the available attributes have not been included in the index provided with the OLIB installation. You may therefore choose to add some attributes.

  1. In the Keyword Indexes domain open the Main Word Index in view mode.
  2. Click on Titles in the Attributes section.
  3. This takes you to the Details screen.
  4. In Attribute List, click the link Titles list for main word index.
  5. The list of attributes currently indexed will be displayed.
  6. To add a new attribute put this record into modify mode and click New in the Attributes section.
  7. Click on the drop down to show all the Attributes available for use in the Titles domain. Select the fields to be added and save the changes. Repeat for any further fields. For example the Note 1 and Note 7 fields can be selected and added to the index.

 Tip: OLIB allows up to 30 free-text notes fields (each 2000 characters). These are ideal for handling data outside the scope of MARC.

 Note: when you change the attributes to be indexed, the Word Index must be rebuilt before the changes will take effect for existing Titles.

Allocate variable weighting to specific fields

The system administrator can allocate a variable weighting for words in specific fields (e.g. words in the title or in subject headings may have a higher weighting). This will effect the relevance order of hits in keyword searching wherever this is used; in OLIB Web and Folio the weightings you have given to individual fields, will be taken into account.

Configure this by modifying the weight values in the attributes in the Keyword Indexes domain:

  1. Go to System Administration>Keyword Indexes.
  2. Select the Main Word Index to display the full details screen.
  3. In Attributes click the attribute group that includes the field you want to add a weighting for. For example, to add a weighting for the title field, click the Titles link to display the Details screen.
  4. Click the entry in Attributes List to display e.g. the Titles List for Main Word Index.
  5. In the list of Attributes, click the attribute that you want to add a weighting for, e.g. Title (title) and switch to Modify.
  6. Select the required value in the Section drop down. For example, to double the weighting of words in the current field, select "*2”. You can also reduce the weighting of words in a field. For example, to reduce the weighting of words in the field by half, select *.5 (* point 5).
  7. Save your changes.

When using breadcrumbs to go back to the main keyword index record, you will note that the values you selected are displayed in the Sections column on the right of the Attributes field.

For the changes to take effect, you need to rebuild the keyword index.

All methods of searching by keyword, in OLIB Web and Folio will then take account of the weightings you have given to individual fields.

Exclude Subject Types from the keyword index

It is possible to configure the keyword index so that subjects of a specific Subject Type can be excluded from the keyword index until they have been "authorised" by cataloguing staff. This feature is used for example to exclude OPAC Tags from the Keyword index.

  1. Go to System Administration> Keyword Indexes.
  2. Click to display details of the Main Word Index:
  3. In the list of Attributes, click through to the Subjects attribute.
  4. Switch to modify mode and, in Info. Type Filter add a comma after -_OTAG followed by a minus sign and then the key ID of the Subject Type that you wish to exclude from the keyword index by default, e.g.


  1. Save the changes.
  2. Rebuild the keyword index.


Here, the subjects with a Subject Type of Bulletin will be excluded from the Keyword index until their Include In Keyword Index flag has been set to Yes.

 Note: you can configure the index to only include Subjects of a specific Type - by specifying the Subject Type without a minus sign in front.

The cataloguer can individually authorise any Subject belonging to Subject Type Bulletin for inclusion in the Keyword index:

  1. Go to Cataloguing> Subject headings and search for the term.
  2. Switch to modify and set Include in Keyword index to Yes.
  3. Save the changes.

 Tip: create a saved search that filters by Subject Type: One Of - Bulletin and by Include In Keyword Index: Not one of Yes/No, with Allow Null checked.