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Additional Layout Manager features

Discover other features about Layout Manager.

Type-ahead combo controls

This can be used to replace a combo control where previously there were many, many records listed or to include such a control would list too many records.

Key examples include:

  • Publisher and Supplier records in Acquisitions> Orders
  • Place of Publication
  • Author
  • Folder Owner

To use these attributes, simply start typing into the field. For example, in Title - Authors input:


For Users and Authors, the search used is a normal search in that domain. In these searches, there are several input fields. When the underlying search being used has several input fields the user can specify a “,” (comma) between the terms in order to provide a value for the second, third, .. etc fields. For example:

will retrieve

Chapin, Suzanne H,
Charters, Stephen

and so on.

icon_nreccontext.gif If the record is not listed, then the new record icon can be used to load a new input screen to create e.g. Author, Publisher, Place details. Save the new record to the current working Title record.

The table below shows where these type-ahead combo controls can be used and the new attribute names, if you want to add them to your layout using Layout Manager.

Domain Layout Controls/Fields Layout Manager Attribute
Titles Any Titles layouts – e.g:
  • General
  • Bibliographic - Full
  • RDA
Publisher Publisher Combo (ti_publisher_typeahead)
Place Place Combo (ti_place_typeahead)
Agents, Authors, Editors (RDA Layout) Name Combo (ti_author_typeahead)
  Publication layout (accessed from Titles domain) Publisher The pre-existing attributes have the new type-ahead feature as standard
Orders  Orders Standard Layout  Supplier The pre-existing attribute has the new type-ahead feature as standard

All layouts for each Folder Type, e.g:

  • Titles folder
  • Copies folder
  • Classes folder
Owner Owner (bf_borrower)


 Tip: for best results in the Titles sheets/layouts, add these new fields in a group by adding the appropriate snippet to the layout. This will add a selection of attributes, with help text, in a single step rather than finding, adding, sizing and styling the controls yourself, consequently saving you time.