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Problem log and version info

Discover problem logs, version information and RSDs for your OLIB system.

►System Administration> Problem Log
►System Administration> Version Info

Problem log

The Problem log records any problems with automatic and manual processes encountered in OLIB, for example:

  • Data imports (users or bibliographic)
  • Automated overdue notices
  • Fine generation
  • Serial Issue generation. This reports on serial copies that are failing to generate issues. The Serial Copies domain includes a Serial Copy No. search to help you track down problem copies.

Many of the items logged here are auto-created from the Daystart program. It is recommended that the system manager checks the Problem Log periodically and deletes older problems, otherwise the log can become very large.

Version info

This domain lists the version numbers of the modules installed on your system and which Rapid Software Deployments (RSD - bug fixes) have been installed.