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Large hitlist results threshold

Learn how to set the maximum number of results in a hitlist before a warning message is displayed in OLIB.

►System Administration> Admin Client Settings

When a search in any domain would return a large number of results, OLIB displays the following message:

This search would return 420 results. Press Search again to see them.

This gives you the option of refining or changing the search so that it would retrieve fewer hits; alternatively you can press Search again to confirm you do want OLIB to display the results.

This feature is particularly useful where a domain can obtain many hundreds/thousands of records, e.g. Titles, Users domains.

The system manager can configure the threshold at which the message is displayed. If left unchanged, the default threshold is set to 250 hits.

Change the threshold

  1. Go to System Administration> Admin Client Settings.
  2. The settings are immediately displayed in a hitlist, including:

Setting: HitListThreshold    Number of hits before "search again" must be used to retrieve the results.

  1. Open the HitListThreshold setting to display the details in modify mode:
Key ID HitListThreshold
Description Number of hits before "search again" must be used to retrieve the results.
Value 250


  1. Change the Value to the desired number of hits.
  2. Save the changes.

For the changes to take effect you then need to rebuild OLIB Web.