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Issues, articles, and abstracts

Discover how to create Serial issue records, article records, and abstracts in OLIB.


Journal Issues use OLIB's analytical cataloguing feature. They are the child record of the journal Title record and are described as Part of that journal Title. Issue Title records are also the parent record of the Articles you may wish to catalogue. Issue records can be created in several ways:

  • Issue records are normally generated automatically from the Serials reference data and Journal Title details.
  • You can create an issue manually when an unexpected issue arrives.
  • In the Journal Title record you can click Add in the Issues field to enter a new Issue Title. This new record is visible in the Management page as an expected issue that you can later check in.
  • You can resequence a list of Issues in the Serial Title> Management page, by entering modify mode and using the Up / Down links in the Issues box.

    The Issues are automatically sorted in descending order rather than ascending order so that you can process the most recent records in batch rather than the oldest records. The first 500 records are displayed in the list box.
  • You can exclude a specific Issue from the OPAC in the list of issues on the parent journal and the bound volume’s title details screen. The system manager first needs to use Layout Manager to add the new attribute Include in OPAC? (Yes/No) to the Issue Title details screen. When the cataloguer sets Include in OPAC? to Yes, OLIB provides a check: You have flagged this record to be excluded from OPAC searches (Include In OPAC = No). 

    If this was unintentional, please re-edit the record and change the Include In OPAC flag to Yes.


Articles also use OLIB's analytical cataloguing feature. They are the child records of the issue Title record and are described as Part of that issue title. When Articles are catalogued the Issue Title displays the full list of Articles for that specific issue. To create a new Article record:

  1. Navigate to the Titles domain.
  2. Search using Serial Issues by Serial Title.
  3. Click on the Issue Title that is to contain the Article.
  4. In the Issue record switch to modify mode.
  5. In Articles click Search.
  6. Click New Record to obtain a new page for entering the Article details.
  7. Source is a free text field for article records. If a journal title or an issue of a journal is deleted, the details from the articles that have been abstracted from the journal will remain in the system. This field is automatically populated with the source journal and issue details if the parent journal and/or the issue are deleted. Its' contents will be used whenever OLIB displays the articles' source, e.g. on the article details screen in the OPAC, or when the parent journal/issue details are included in an output format, e.g. bulletins or SDI alerts, etc.
  8. Enter Title, Author, and other bibliographic information.
  9. Click PDF/Document/URL if you wish to link an electronic copy to the Article record.
  10. Save the Article details. The Article Title is then displayed in the Issue record.

 Note: It is usual for the display order of articles to be in journal page number order but OLIB lists them in the order they were added to the database. You can re-sequence them in modify mode by using the Up/Down buttons.

Once created, the Article becomes a searchable record just like any other Title in the database.


  1. In the above Article record enter data in the Abstract field. This contains up to 32K of text.
  2. Save the details. The abstract will be indexed for retrieval purposes.