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About Serials management

Discover how Serials management works in OLIB.

Serials Management is closely integrated with other functional areas of OLIB. The Serial Title is catalogued using similar aspects of OLIB cataloguing for the Title details and appears in the OPAC; Issues and Articles utilise OLIB's analytical cataloguing structure and object linking for online articles. When you subscribe to a Serial this uses OLIB's acquisitions processes for subscription ordering and invoicing.

Serials reference data is required before you can generate expected issues in OLIB and begin the process of check in. When OLIB generates issues, it automatically calculates the volume and issue numbering sequences, expected receipt date and number of copies of each issue. It can accommodate an extensive range of frequencies and volume and issue numbering patterns, and it can be made to automatically generate regularly published supplements, special issues or indices. You can even automatically generate a series of issues for completely irregular publications, based on the publication schedules issued by publishers for such publications. The claiming system can then be used to automatically issue timely and accurate claims for issues which have not been received when they should have been.

A manual issue generation facility is also available. Use this primarily during Check in when you want to check in an issue which has not been generated because it is a special issue, published outside the normal publication cycle.