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OLIB 9 Service Pack 11 Key Features

The following is a summary of the main enhancements that are included in OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 11.  Full details of these enhancements and the c.100 other minor enhancements and bug fixes included in this release are included in the OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 11 Release Notes.


OLIB Reports

The Reports domain in OLIB has been re-designed to enable it to be used as the reporting solution for OLIB, to replace J4O.The major components of the changes include:

  • Drop-down lists to aid the completion of runtime parameter values
  • Preview and run the report directly from the report’s main page
  • A selection of output formats, including as the email body or as an attachment in PDF, MS-Word, comma separated (for MS-Excel), or HTML
  • Record the previous report output and parameter usage
  • Record the user who ran the report
  • The OLIB Reports Repository: a simple method of delivering new reports
  • OLIB Reports Exchange: a process for exchanging reports between OLIB systems

System / General

OLIB Web Refine Search Dialog Window

The OLIB Web Refine Search dialog window has been re-designed to present the search refine options in a clear, logical way, and to include search options to more easily locate the field you wish to refine your search by.

Modify Straight From Hitlist

OLIB Web includes an option to modify a record straight from the hitlist rather than having to click through to the details screen and modify the record from there.

Circulation and User Management

Configurable Transaction Type List on the I/R/R screen

It is now possible to configure the content and order of the entries in the Transaction Type drop-down list on the I/R/R screen.  This can be defined at user category level, location level and system level.

Cataloguing and Keyword Searching

Publisher and Place Hints

OLIB now includes configuration options to enable it to suggest publisher and/or places of publication based on the authors assigned to the title.