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OLIB 9 Service Pack 12 Key Features

The following is a summary of the main enhancements that are included in OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 12.  Full details of these enhancements and the other minor enhancements and bug fixes in this release are included in the OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 12 Release Notes.

Configurable Sorting

A facility has been included to configure sort rules for different domains, with options to define specific character and string replacement rules and to specify various general rules such as case sensitivity and left-padding numbers with zeros.  For example, when sorting a set of bibliographic records by title, numbers spelt out as words (e.g. Nineteen eighty-four) can be “unspelt”, i.e. replaced by the number itself, so that the records sort consistently by number regardless of whether they are entered as numbers or as spelt-out numbers.

Configurable Privacy Policy Statements

It is now possible to configure your OLIB system so that it presents a brief privacy policy statement to your library staff and your end users, together with a link to your organisation’s full privacy policy statement.


New Cataloguing Layouts

New layouts have been included in the Titles and Names domains that present a consolidated set of fields organised across several tabs, including recently added administrative fields that up to now had to be added to your existing layouts in Layout Manager, and “quick data entry” fields to enable the entry of copies, URLs, etc. without having to go to a separate screen.

Resource Description and Access Cataloguing

OLIB has been enhanced in SP12 to enable you to catalogue resources in accordance with the Resource Description and Access (RDA) guidelines.


Facet Sidebar and Smartphone/Mobile/Device Optimisation

The facet sidebar has been completely redesigned, together with several other changes, to improve overall functionality and presentation, and to make Folio more responsive so that it can be used on smartphones, mobile phones and other devices.

Circulation and User Management

Automatic Renewals

It is now possible to configure OLIB so that it automatically renews loans on the due back date, rather than setting them to overdue.