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OLIB 9 Service Pack 13 Key Features

The following is a summary of the main enhancements that are included in OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 13.  Full details of these enhancements and the 164 enhancements and bug fixes included in this release are in the OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 13 Release Notes.

System / General

Layout Manager Improvements

It is now possible to transfer layouts between OLIB systems – provided they are each at least Service Pack 13. Additionally, several shortcuts and actions have been added to simplify the amendment of layouts. These are primarily targeted at adding fields to existing layouts and include a small set of predefined snippets – collections of fields, with help text – that can be added all at once.

To assist further, the selection and action menu stays visible, largely avoiding the need to scroll.


Auto-fill data entry

Several new attributes have been added to facilitate cataloguing. Primarily the Publisher and Place of Publication attributes have been amended to allow the cataloguer to type into a free-text field and immediately see a list of matching Publishers or Places from which to select.

New attributes are available for titles to take advantage of this feature to add publication and author information without leaving the title screen. These new attributes are supplied in a snippet making it very easy to add them to your cataloguing screens.


Improvements to Lists

The Folio handling of lists is now simpler to configure and maintain. Lists can now be made available to users by location, course or supervisor. They can also be nested to provide several levels of menu to group similar lists together.

Additionally, users in selected categories can create their own lists by saving their Folio basket.

Circulation and User Management

Who is logged in?

It is now possible for system administrators to see who is logged in to OLIB. Rudimentary messaging is now available for OLIB Web.

Location specific Overdues

It is now possible to configure a different overdue, recall notice and/or auto-renewal limit for each location. This will allow overdue letters to have the appropriate location contact information. These need no longer include all locations.