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One enhancement for issue listing in OLIB Web is detailed on this page.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 14


IMS Ref Description

Provide a new issues attribute for Serials to assist multi-location manual check-ins.

The new attribute is labelled “Issues (Expected and Received) (by pub date)”. It will list the expected and received issues for this journal and show the number of copies system-wide and the number of copies for the user’s bureau location(s).

The attribute will only work in OLIB Web.

There is a corresponding new attribute labelled “Issues (Expected and Received) (by pub date) Filter”. This provides a free-text field in which the user can enter a year. When populated, and the user hits the ‘tab’ key, the Issues (Expected and Received) (by pub date) list is updated to show only those issues that are published in the specified year.


Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description