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Extracting sample bibliographic data

About sample data

OCLC can extract sample data from OLIB using dedicated scripts. Your OCLC project manager will liaise with you.

A standard Titles domain search can also be used to obtain a sub-set of bibliographic data. You can run a MARC21 export script on the selected records.

Extract from OLIB Web

  1. Go to Searches> Titles.
  2. Perform a suitable search to obtain the sub-set of data for a bibliographic sample.
  3. If you want to export all the records in the sub-set, click the Select All link.
  4. With records selected, from the Other Options drop down choose Export.
  5. From the list of Available Export Types choose MARC21.
  6. When prompted, download the export file:
Please click here to start your export download

The RecordExport.exp file can be renamed with a suitable label before handing over to an OCLC Data Analyst. The file can be used for analysis and evaluation and discussion may lead to an update of the Data Migration Questionnaire before data is loaded.