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Learn how to create physical areas within a single library location in OLIB.

►Cataloguing Reference Data> Sub-locations

About sub-locations

This is a physical area within a specific Location - for example, Ground Floor, First Floor and so on. A Sub-location record is unique to a specific Location record.

They are created in the Locations domain; any existing Sub-locations records can be viewed in Cataloguing Reference Data> Sub-locations.

How is the Sub-location information displayed?

When viewing Availability / Copy information, the Sub-location for the Copy is displayed in parentheses after the Location name, whenever the Location is displayed - e.g. copies hit lists:

9064573465 Main Library (First Floor) 362.17 BER Standard Available

Create a new sub-location

  1. Go to User Management> Locations and modify record.
  2. In Sub-locations click New.
  3. Enter the Description (mandatory field).
  4. Optionally enter Code, (used for data import matching), Notes, Contact and Telephone fields.
  5. Save the record to link it back to the Location.

Set the default sub-location

One of the Sub-locations for a Location can be flagged as default, so that when new Copies are created and the default Location is populated, the default Sub-location is also automatically populated.

  1. Go to User Management> Locations.
  2. Check the box next to the Sub-location required.
  3. In the Actions drop down, select Set/Clear Default.
  4. The Default column indicates Yes.

Delete a sub-location

  1. In User Management> Locations check the box next to the relevant Sub-location.
  2. In the Actions drop down select Delete.
  3. Save and Close

 Caution: OLIB displays a message if you attempt to delete a Sub-location that is currently in use for any Copy records - these would have to be changed first.

If you edit a Copy's Location and that Location has a default Sub-location then the Sub-location will be automatically added to the Copy record.