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Discover how to create and use folders of records in OLIB.

If you have sufficient privileges this feature allows you to store information in a ‘Folder’ and save for later access. Folders enable you to store references or 'pointers' to records that you are interested in for ongoing use and management. For example you may have a folder of User records that are for deletion or update. You can have as many folders as you like to organize your work and they are ‘owned’ by you as the creator of the folder.

Create new folder

  1. In Searches> Folders, click New Record.
  2. In Folder Types select the type of data in this folder, e.g. Titles, Users. Subjects. This determines the following fields and drop downs.
  3. Enter a suitable Folder Name to identify it.
  4. Use the button to Add items to the folder now, or save the folder for adding later.

Create a new folder or add records to an existing folder

  1. For example in the Titles domain, in the List View of hits tick the boxes of the Titles you wish to add to a folder.
  2. Open the Choose folder drop down.
  3. Choose an existing folder to add the records to; alternatively use New Folder.
  4. Click Add to Folder.
  5. When you click OK the folder is created.

Search folders

Go to Searches> Folders.
There are several search types in Other Searches:

  Folders search Description
Standard Searches

All Folders Search    


Includes ALL folders in OLIB. Search by folder name.


  • SDI folders and system folders - Titles/Copies/Users For Auto-Deletion folders
  • Import/export issues folders
  • OPAC List folders
My Folders Search

Includes ONLY folders owned by the currently logged in user.

 Use a wildcard (%) search to see all your folders.

System Folders Search

Includes ONLY:

  • Titles/Copies/Users For Auto-Deletion folders
  • Import/export issues folders and their template folders
OPAC List Folders Search
  • Folders the library has created for Folio lists (e.g. reading lists)
  • Folders the users have created in Folio

Titles Folders

Copies Folders

Users Folders

Classes Folders

Digital/Film Folders

Invoices Folders

Names Folders

Order Items Folders

Orders Folders

Series Folders

Subject Headings Folders

Searches on Folders created in that domain.
Folders Folders Includes Folders the library has created, that are a container for any of the above Folders.

A list of all the container Folders (folders containing other Folders) owned by the logged in User. (The system manager will see all Folders).

When you click to select one, OLIB immediately displays the full details of the Folder and the list of items in the Folder.

  1. Choose one of the above search types and enter your search criteria in the box, to obtain a hitlist:

  Use wildcard (%) to search all the Folders in that search type, e.g. all Users folders.

  1. Click on the Folder name to view full details and the contents, e.g. Users listed in that folder.

Open folders

  1. In the menu click the Searches> Folders branch.
  2. Select the type of folder you want from the Other Searches drop down.
  3. Search for a known folder, or use wildcard (%) to view all folders of that type. Click on the name of the folder to display the contents.

Remove items from a folder

This is consistently the same for all Folders, not just Titles, Copies, Users.

Removing items from your folder can be done in 3 ways. Example: Titles folder:

  • Re-enter titleno

Enter the title numbers of the title records you wish to remove from the folder in the Title Numbers field, or copy and paste them as before, and click the Remove Titles From Folder button. For Users and Copies folders, enter the Barcodes into the equivalent field.

  • Select and click Delete

Select the items you wish to remove and click the Delete option.

  • Remove ALL items from folder

To empty all the titles listed in the folder, click on the Empty This Folder button. OLIB prompts how many items will be removed. Save and Close removes the items.

When items are removed from the folder they no longer appear in the Contents box.

Delete folders


  • Open the Folder and in the Folder Details click Delete Record on the top right of the screen
  • In the hit list, select the folder by checking the box and click Delete at the foot of the screen

Note: a folder is removed even if it still contains some records.

Output all items in the hit list to a Folder

If you wish to include the entire hit list, this is a fast alternative to checking the box of every record in the hit list to use with OLIB's Print / Clipboard / Add to Folder functions.

Use the All Items check box to do this without having to select the records first. (If you tried to use Select All instead, this could take a long time to determine the Actions available for a large selection of records).

This includes all the pages of the hit list, not just the first page. It ignores any selections that you may have made prior to checking All Items and selecting the Print/Clipboard/Add To Folder option.

  1. In the chosen domain, e.g. Titles, search for the records to output.
  2. In the Results section check the All Items box next to the Print button.
  3. Then select the Add to Folder option to add all the items in the hitlist to a folder.

Export the contents of a Folder

With a specific folder opened up, you can also export the contents of it to a file, using your preferred export format.

  1. Open your folder to display the contents.
  2. In modify mode, select items individually or choose Select All.
  3. Use the Actions drop down. OLIB displays relevant Actions for these records: choose Export.
  4. OLIB responds with an Alert window that lists the available export types.
  5. Choose the preferred Export Type, e.g. EndNote - OK.
  6. OLIB displays the number of records and prompts you to start the export.
  7. After you click the link a dialog from your browser prompts you whether to Open or Save the output.