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Log on

Discover log on and session details in OLIB.

To start OLIB Web, click on your web browser icon or select it from the Start menu. If your web browser's default home page is not set to OLIB Web, then enter the url.

This displays a panel on the right where you enter your login credentials.

The Oracle database details are configured by the installation of OLIB Web on the server and each install only ever points to a single database. Your web browser connects to the web server therefore you only need to enter your 'barcode'/ password details.

pinin.gif Pin the menu in place for continual use by clicking the icon.

The personal Workspace can be changed as required. Users with sufficient privileges can change their own Workspace.

Session Time out

Your session in OLIB Web will be logged out if it is inactive for a period of time.

The number of minutes before the session times out, is configured by your system manager.

OLIB displays a warning message 1 minute before the session is about to time out.

 If you have the same OLIB Web session open in multiple tabs or browser windows then the inactivity timeout in any of the tabs will invalidate the session used by all tabs, whether or not they are active.

Password Expiry

Depending on your library's policy, your password may expire e.g. every 90 days. An email will alert you to change your password in advance.