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Discover how to create hierarchical accounts

An Account should be regarded as the budget heading in the case of a simple funding structure or as individual budget headings for a more complex structure.

Create a new account structure

  1. Go to Funds>Accounts.
  2. Click New Record in Context to create e.g. a top level 1 account.
  3. Enter a Short description for the account, e.g. Library2008.
  4. Enter a Long description for the account, e.g. Library Budget 2008.
  5. If a percentage of overspend is allowed on the account, enter the percentage figure in Overspend (%). For example, if the account is allocated £10,000 a 10% overspend will allow orders to be generated to a total of £11,000 before you are prevented from using the Account. This is not a mandatory field.
  6. You can also set a Warning level (%) to generate a warning when the account is within a given percentage of the allocated amount. For example, an account that is allocated £10,000 with a Warning level of 5% will generate a warning when more than £9,500 has been Committed. This is not a mandatory field.
     Note: OLIB carries out these spending checks at the point of ordering goods, i.e. when authorising an Order or setting the Status to Outstanding. The Overspend value can prevent you ordering the goods unless you allocate more money to the Account Instance or increase the amount of Overspend. However the Warning level is just a warning.
  7. Once this Level 1 account has been created you can set up any Child accounts as necessary. If a hierarchical funding structure is required click Child Accounts.
  8. This opens a second Accounts page to allow the creation of the Level 2 accounts.
  9. Enter the details as above. If the child account is allowed to spend from the parent account, set Parent Spend to Yes. Select No if you do not wish this child account to use the money allocated to its parent account, as it will have its own allocation of funds.
  10. Save the details and repeat for further child accounts.
  11. To add a Level 3 Child account to any of the Level 2 Child accounts click Child Accounts from within a current Level 2 record.