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Ratings and reviews

Configure end user ratings and reviews in Folio using OLIB Web.

Ratings and Reviews are displayed in the Title details page in Folio. The average ratings are also visible in the hitlist.

Note: the user has to be logged in to rate an item or to review it.

To view the ratings and reviews details, the user searches for an item, displays the details and clicks on the Ratings and Reviews tab. This displays:

  • the average rating and the reviews that have been submitted by all users for this title
  • the ability for the user to view, add, modify or delete their own rating and review


The user’s own rating for an item is displayed as a series of large red and small grey stars. The more large red stars there are, the higher the user’s rating. To change the rating, the user simply clicks the relevant star. (This will also change the average rating displayed immediately below).

The user clicks the bin icon to remove their rating.  This causes all the large red stars to change to small grey stars.

To display the average rating on the hitlist

Control the display of the Ratings, Reserve button and Basket in the hitlist:


Go to OPAC> Configuration Settings.


Click New Record in order to add a new action_rating entry in the g_t_hitlist array. On the blank OPAC Configuration Setting screen, complete the new record as follows:

Enter Interface=1; Ini File / Config Block= g_title_hitlist; Setting= t_hitlist; Description= Title hitlist array entry; Value= "action_rating"; Sequence1=3; Sequence2=3; Include=Y.

Save the details.

Basket icon

Click New Record in order to add a new entry for action_bsktbutton in the g_t_hitlist array. This will display the Add this item/Remove this item from your basket icon. On the blank OPAC Configuration Setting screen, complete the new record as follows:

Interface= 1; Ini File / Config Block= g_title_hitlist; Setting= t_hitlist; Description= title hitlist array entry; Value= "action_bsktbutton"; Sequence1= 3; Sequence2= 5 Include= Y.

Save the details.

Reserve button

Using the search Folio Config Settings by Setting, search for  t_hitlist. In the hitlist, click the link for the setting Value=“action_buttons”. Display the record details.

Click Modify Record to edit the details. Rename the Value “action_buttons” to "action_resbutton".

On completion, when searching the setting t_hitlist, the array settings will look something like this:

Setting ID Interface GCB Setting Value Seq.1 Seq.2 Include?
603003     1   g_title_hitlist   t_hitlist  "enrichlnk" 3   1   Y
603004 1 g_title_hitlist  t_hitlist   "title" 3   2 Y
603051 1 g_title_hitlist t_hitlist "action_rating"  3 3 Y
603053 1 g_title_hitlist t_hitlist "action_resbutton" 3 4 Y
603054 1 g_title_hitlist t_hitlist "action_bsktbutton" 3 5 Y

Tip: use the Sequence2 field in the t_hitlist array entries to determine the order in which the overall rating, reservation button and Add To/Remove From Basket icon are displayed.  For example, setting the action_rating setting’s Sequence 2 to 3 and the action_resbutton’s Sequence 2 to 4 will display the overall rating above the reservation button in the rightmost column of the hitlist.

The settings show_reserve_on_hitlist and show_basket_on_hitlist will not be required and you can set Include=No for these.

To configure sorting of the hitlist by ratings

When the average ratings appear on the hitlist the user can sort the hitlist by ratings, using the standard Sort by box:

To do this you need to create a new entry in the sort1_array in g_title_hitlist.

  1. Go to OPAC> Configuration Settings to create the new entry.
  2. Switch the search to Folio Configuration Settings by Setting, and click New Record.
  3. On the blank form enter Interface=1, Ini File/Config Block = g_title_hitlist.
  4. In Setting enter sort1_array.
  5. In Description enter The first Sort combo list array.
  6. In Value enter “Rating”.
  7. In Value 2 enter "rat".
  8. In Allowable Values - A valid Sort combo list entry.
  9. E.g. set Sequence1=11; Sequence2=10.
  10. Set Include= Yes.

This will add Rating as another sort option in the Sort by box.


The Reviews section is in two parts:


Your review

The user clicks the Add/edit review icon to add (or edit) their review.

The user writes their review and clicks Save your review icon.

Other users’ reviews

This section lists other users’ reviews that have been approved by a member of library staff (see Approving User Reviews below). These reviews are displayed in descending chronological order (latest submitted review first).


Note: the system manager first needs to add the attribute OPAC Reviews (ti_opac_reviews) to the Titles layout in OLIB Web. Use the Layout Manager feature to do this.

Ratings and Reviews tab in Title details

The information in the lower half and to the right of the screen is dependent on media type as standard.

In OLIB Web, the following settings in g_title_details, determine which tabs and content are displayed and in what order in the lower half of the page.

  1. Go to OPAC> Ini Files/GCBs and search for g_title_details. Here you will see:

tidetails_tabs (all media types except serials, issues and bound volumes)

tidetails_tabs_SER (journals)

tidetails_tabs_SISS (issues)

tidetails_tabs_BVOL (bound volumes)

This is where you can configure the Ratings and Reviews tab as shown in the following example.

To enable the Ratings and Reviews tab in Title Details

In OLIB Web, the following example enables the Ratings and Reviews tab for all media types except serials, issues and bound volumes.

  1. Go to OPAC> Ini Files/GCBs.
  2. Search for g_title_details.
  3. Click to display the details for g_title details.
  4. In the Config settings - tidetails_tabs setting for “ratings” check that Include = Y. If not, check the box and in Actions set to Include.

The Ratings and Reviews tab will display in Folio immediately.

For Serials, issues and bound volumes -




as above, configure the “ratings” setting to have Include = Y.

Approving user reviews in OLIB Web

When a review is added or modified by an end user, it is saved in an unapproved state.  Only approved reviews (i.e. reviews that have been reviewed and approved by a member of library staff) are displayed in the Other users’ reviews section.

To set up in OLIB Web:

  1. Add the OPAC Reviews (ti_opac_reviews) attribute to the Titles layout using Layout Manager.


In the OLIB Web Titles domain, all reviews will now appear in the OPAC Reviews list box as in the following example:

Review Entered By On Approved Approved By On
Includes major section on human resources and UK law Judith Seddon 12/08/14 15:33:59 Y LibStaff 13/08/14 11:50:52

To “approve” a user review in OLIB Web

  1. Go to the Titles domain and enter modify mode.
  2. In the OPAC Reviews list box, read the review and to approve it check the box.
  3. In Actions select Approve/De-approve review.

Once approved, the review becomes visible in Folio immediately to all other users when they display the Ratings and Reviews tab for the relevant title record.

If an end user modifies his/her review, the Approved flag is set back to N.  This means that a member of staff must re-approve it before it is displayed to other users.

Search for Titles in OLIB Web that are not yet “Approved”

Title searches in OLIB Web can be filtered by the Approved flag. This allows you to search for all titles with reviews that have not yet been approved by a member of staff.

  1. In the Titles domain, click Refine Search.
  2. Under the Related Domains heading click on OPAC Reviews. This displays Refinements for OPAC Reviews.
  3. Click the Approved refinement. When OLIB displays the filter, check the No box in Approved (One Of).
  4. In Title (first few words): enter “%” as your search criteria and execute the search.

OLIB Web displays all the titles with reviews that have not yet been approved and do not yet appear in Folio. When you have approved them, they will be visible to other Folio users.

Delete a user review in OLIB Web

It is possible for library staff to Delete reviews in OLIB Web:

  1. Modify the Title record
  2. Select the review in the OPAC Reviews list box.
  3. Select the Delete option
  4. Confirm that the review is deleted and save the changes.