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Tags 336-338

Discover how the Content Type, Media Type and Carrier Type tags are used in OLIB.



Tag(s) 336-338
Indicators No indicators defined The indicators for these tags are not defined by the MARC21 guidelines and will be exported as # (blank). They are ignored by the import.
Subfields a, b, 0, 2

Subfield a will be populated during export with the term selected on the Media (Sub)Type associated with the title.

The other subfields will be populated with relevant data from predefined values associated with the term selected.

Imports to   Subfield b will be used to lookup the predefined reference data value to assign to the title.
Exports from  

These tags (336-338) are populated from values selected for the following Titles attributes:

  • RDA Content Type (for 336)
  • RDA Media Type (for 337)
  • RDA Carrier Type (for 338)


For the MARC21 notes on these tags, start here.