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Tag 949

Discover how item/copies tags are used for import in OLIB.


Tag(s) 949
Indicators Undefined The indicators will be exported as blanks.
Subfields a, b, c, d, e, h, i, j, l, m, M, n, p, P, s, S, u, U These Tags and subfields are imported to Copy records.
Imports to   Data for these tags are imported to the Copies linked to the Title during import. See below for a breakdown of this information.
Exports from   For Export of Item (Copy) information, please refer to 852, 952.


There is no suitable predefined mapping for Item information in a MARC21 record. The import to OLIB is defined below. In order to import other tags or subfields, a MARC Mapping must be configured to map to the 949 tag and subfields below and the "949 Type A" option selected on the Import Batch.


Example value:

$aB0456X$b823.394$cHAR$d2015-12-15$e2015-12-01$lMAIN$mSTN$MStandard Loan


Subfield Sample Notes
a B0456X Barcode
b 823.394 Shelfmark (part 1)
c HAR Shelfmark (part 2). This is optional. If it is simpler to place the whole Shelfmark into $b, then that will not affect the import.
d 2015-12-15 Accession Date.
e 2015-12-01 Created Date (of the Copy Record).
h Vol I-III Holding Summary
i FIC01458 High-Density Shelf Code
I Fiction 01458 High-Density Shelf Description
j 01458.234 High Density Shelfmark
l MAIN Location. First the import attempts to match the Location code. If not, it will attempt to match the Location Description. Refer To Reference Data Validation to refine this if needed.
m STN Copy Category Code
M Standard Loan Copy Category Description
n   Notes
p 8.95 Price (in the system standard currency).
P £8.95 Price in other currency. Attempts will be made to identify the currency based on the symbols included in the data. On the Currencies record a semicolon separated list can be used to identify the currency by a symbol appearing here.
s FIC Shelf Code
S Fiction Shelf Description
u MEZ Sub-Location Code
U Mezzanine Sub-Location Description