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Tag 035

Discover how the system control number tag is used in OLIB.


Tag(s) 035
Indicators ## Both indicators are undefined in MARC21
Subfields a and z These subfields are imported and exported to/from the Control Numbers domain and, if suitably qualified, the OCLC Record Number field.
Imports to   The 035 data is imported into the Control Numbers domain linked to the title being created using the Control Number Type System Control Number.
If the data is suitably qualified with '(OCoLC)', then $a will be imported as the OCLC Record number instead of a generic Control Number.
Exports from   The 035 data is generated from the Title Number, the Title's OCLC Record Number and from Control Numbers linked to the Title.


For the MARC21 notes on this tag, refer here.


Example value:



Subfield Sample Notes
a (OCoLC)85364021 The main System Control Number for this record at the time of export. A qualifier should be included. When exported from OLIB, the first 035 $a will be the Title Number.
z (OCoLC)9876543210 The Canceled/invalid control number for this record.
When the incoming data is a qualified OCLC Number in this subfield and the import is matching by OCLC Record Number, these numbers will also be used to identify the Title for matching. If matched, the Title will be updated to record the new OCLC Record Number from $a.