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Process MARC deletion files

Learn how to use MARC deletion files from a 3rd party to delete Title records in OLIB.

Libraries taking MARC records for ebooks may find they are receiving notification of 'deleted' ebooks. This is in the form of a file of MARC records from their supplier e.g. JISC.

OLIB's MARC import process can be used to match these 'deleted' records with records in OLIB, and then place the matching records in the Titles for Auto-deletion folder.

Daystart automatically deletes the contents of this folder.

Create an Import Batch record

  1. Go to Data Exchange> Import Batch.
  2. Create a batch record with Batch Type of MARC Exchange formatted file.
  3. In the Modify Flag drop down list, select Add matched records to auto-delete folder.
  4. Attach the import file of deleted records.
  5. Once saved, in File to Import, check the box on the file and from the Actions box click to obtain the Process action.
  6. This displays a dialog of processes: Choose Load.
  7. Optionally if you also check Debug Mode OLIB will also create debug and trace information (subsequently visible in System Administration> Trace Information).

With Modify Flag set to Add matched records to auto-delete folder, any records that are imported using this import batch record will be processed as follows:

  • Matched records will be added to the Titles For Auto-Deletion folder, and will therefore be deleted when daystart next runs
  • Any records that are not matched will simply be ignored