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Pre-process MARC data

Learn how to obtain an analysis of the MARC import file.

Before a new MARC variant can be used, a mapping should be generated based on analysis of the actual import file. This is done after creating the import batch record.

  1. Go to Data Exchange> Import Batch.
  2. Search for your batch record using the Batch Number noted earlier.
  3. Display the details and click the check box in Files To Import.
  4. In Actions select Process to obtain the Process menu.
  5. From the menu check the box to Pre-Process the data. Optionally, if you also check Debug Mode in the menu, OLIB will create debug and trace information (subsequently visible in System Administration> Trace Information).
  6. A message confirms that the data load has been scheduled for immediate processing.

The processing summary on the file will indicate which Media Types have been identified in the data.

A summary of the tags and data is shown on the second sheet of the batch layout and this is invaluable in identifying how data is being handled in this batch.

When you run a MARC21 Mappings search for the new MARC variant, all the tags in use in the data set will be shown.

Having obtained this information you are then better able to work through the MARC tags in the mapping and set up as required.