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2. Create Title Set for export to WorldCat

Configure a title set in OLIB for use during the automatic uploads to WorldCat.

The title set will determine which records are to be uploaded to WorldCat. This separate title set is required to allow for differences between records that are uploaded to WorldCat and records that are included in WebView and Folio. For example, you may not wish to upload records that represent eBooks to WorldCat, whereas you would want to have these records included in Folio.

Go To Data Exchange> Title Sets and click New Record.

Fields to note:

Field Description
Search Level/Type

Set to OAI Service.

The daystart process that uploads records to WorldCat data sync does not reference this field. However, it is a mandatory field, so it must be set to something, and if it is set to No level specified or Level 1, 2 or 3, it will affect the results that are returned in WebView and Folio.

User Set

Set to Default All Users and Anonymous Users Set

Include / Exclude Use with Copy Locations / Copy Categories / Copy Statuses as required, so that you export the correct sub-set of records

Save the details. Next, go to the hitlist and search to obtain your new title set. Check the box in the hitlist to select it and from Other Actions choose Refresh This Title Set.

OLIB responds:

The delimited OPAC view for this title set has been refreshed - OK

This completes creating a title set for WorldCat data sync.