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Manual charges

Discover how to process a manual charge in OLIB.

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►Circulation> User Charges

It is possible to use the OLIB charge/ payment features to charge users for any items, which the library may sell, or for other charges which need to be levied (e.g. lost library card).

 Note: to use this feature, the relevant reference data must exist in Charge Types. Some Charge Types are already provided with OLIB but you may wish to add more.

Make a 'manual' charge

  1. From the Circ. Desk screen enter the User barcode.
  2. Select the Pay Charges button to obtain the User Charging screen.
  3. Click Search in Manually Applied Charges.
  4. Use % wildcard search to display a list of the pre-defined Charge Types.
  5. Select the appropriate charge and insert it back to the User Charging screen.
  6. An edit screen displays where you should enter the amount of the charge in Amnt Per Unit and the number of items.
  7. Tab through to the Total Amount field to ensure that the charge is calculated correctly and click Save and Close.
  8. Save the manually applied charge on the User Charging screen.  

Pay the charge in the normal manner - select it in Manually Applied Charges and from Actions choose Pay to load the Pay Manual Charge screen. Save the changes.

 Note: a receipt with the type Pay Manual Charge can be printed during this process if required. To ensure this feature works effectively, it is advised that only one user operates the manual charging facility at a time.