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Quick cataloguing

Learn how to create a basic catalogue record for issuing an item in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

This allows you to create partial catalogue records from the Circ.Desk screen to enable the loan of items, which have not yet been added to the catalogue, e.g. recently acquired items awaiting cataloguing. The partial catalogue record then forms the basis of a more permanent record completed at a later date.


For a quick catalogued item to be issued it is essential to create Loan Terms in advance for the Quick Cataloguing Copy Category.

Create item and issue

  1. Establish an item is not already in the library’s stock and the Title catalogued. To do this from the Circ.Desk, click Search in the Copy field. This enables a Copies of a Title search. If not found click the breadcrumbs to return to the Circ. Desk.
  2. To create a quick cataloguing record from the Circ.Desk screen click New in the Copy field.  
  3. A form for creating a new temporary record displays.
  4. First change the copy Category to Quick Cataloguing.
  5. The screen re-displays now with a cataloguing form for creating the outline catalogue record.
  6. Enter the Barcode and Title.
  7. The default Location is populated from the logged in Location and is editable.
  8. The default Copy Status is Available so that it can be issued.
  9. Next add a message to trap the copy on return, e.g. Required for Cataloguing. Click New in the Trap field and add a message in the usual way. Save and Close.
  10. Save the copy details.
  11. To issue the quick catalogued item in the Circ.Desk screen enter the User and Copy barcode in the normal way. Note the trap such as Required for Cataloguing also displays at the point of issue.

The issued item will display in the OPAC with a Copy Category of Quick Catalog. When the item is returned, the trap message will display indicating how it should be dealt with, e.g. Required for cataloguing. The Title and Copy record can then be catalogued more completely and the trap removed.