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Temporary loans

Learn how to enter brief data to issue a temporary loan item in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

About temporary loans

This feature is to enable the loan of copies of serial issues for organisations who do not barcode issues at check-in. In this scenario only the serial Title is catalogued. OLIB enables the serial issue to be catalogued just for the duration of the loan. When the Temporary Loan item is returned there is no further action for library staff and the item may be returned to the shelves. When the Daystart process automatically runs it deletes all Temporary Loan records that are not on loan.

Setup for temporary loans

For any Temporary Loan items to be issued it is essential to create Loan Terms in advance for the Temporary Loan Copy Category.

Create item and issue

  1. Load the Circ.Desk screen.
  2. In the Copy field click New. A form for creating a new temporary record displays.
  3. By default the Copy Category is Temporary Loan.
  4. Enter a temporary barcode and click Search in the Title field to retrieve the serial title.
  5. Insert the relevant Title back to the Temporary Loans screen.
  6. In the Temporary Title field enter the details of the serial issue to be loaned e.g. add the month and year.
  7. Save the details.
  8. Return to the Circ.Desk screen and issue the item as normal.