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Part numbers and names

Learn how to add part numbers and names to a title in OLIB.

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This information relates to muti-volume/part works. Fields for this data are included on the Main sheet after the Title and also in a separate sheet -MARC 245 Fields.

OLIB can support MARC 245 $n and 245 $p, number and name of section/part respectively for multi-part works.

MARC 245 Details includes the full list of tag 245 data elements, together with details of which field in the titles table they are imported to/stored in and their default values during an export if they are not set explicitly in the database.

Both of the Part/Name MARC subfields are repeatable:

$n - Number of part/section of a work (R)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)

Note that there are three Number of Part and Name of Part fields because these subfields are repeatable in MARC. They do not refer, for example, to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. The MARC format allows you to repeat these subfields any number of times. However, in OLIB, you are limited to a maximum of three part numbers and part names.

Titles MAIN sheet

The default general layout includes fields for Part Number 1 and Part Name 1 after the Title. Using Layout Manager, you can add fields for numbers 2 and 3 also (the Attributes are labelled Number /Name of Part n (MARC). However in this case it would be more usual to use the MARC 245 layout below.

MARC 245 Details sheet

This sheet contains fields for numbers 1 and 2; you can also add number 3 using Layout Manager Number of Part 3 (MARC) and Name of Part 3 (MARC).

  1. Catalogue the Title details as normal and click the MARC 245 Details tab.
  2. Use the following field details for multi-part works:
Field Description
First Part Number Number of the 1st part. Note this is the same field as First Part Number in the Main sheet.
First Part Name Name (title) of the 1st part. Note this is the same field as First Part Name in the Main sheet.
Second Part Number Number of the 2nd part
Second Part Name Name (title) of the 2nd part

 Note: when on the MARC 245 Details sheet hover over fields to display the MARC subfield tag.

As you enter details and tab / move to another field, OLIB automatically inserts values into Formatting instructions and generated data.

Subfields for 245 Export is only populated while you are creating the record. It displays how the record would export in MARC21 format. You can edit the sequencing and punctuation if needed.

Copy and availability details

If the volumes are to be lent as a set (or not lent at all) then you would need to create just 1 Copy record:

Title (245$a) – A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants

Part 1 (245$n&$p) – Volume 1 A-J

Part 2 (245$n&$p) – Volume 2 K-Z

1 Holdings (copy) record

Alternatively if each volume in the multi-part work is to be lent individually then you would create a copy for each part. This has the advantage of being able to circulate each part separately:

Title (245$a) – A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants

Part 1 (245$n&$p) – Volume 1 A-J

Part 2 (245$n&$p) – Volume 2 K-Z

2 Holdings (copy) records – use Copy Notes to indicate the volume details?

Note when viewing the catalogue details it may be interpreted that the Title has 2 copies however.