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Search external databases

Discover how to use Z39.50 searching in OLIB.

►Searches> External Databases

This information describes how to use OLIB's Z39.50 searching.

A number of databases may have been configured on your system to enable Z39.50 searching.

  1. In the Menu click Searches> External Databases to display the Z39.50 search screen.
  2. The databases configured are available as tick boxes. Select the target database for your search, e.g. WorldCat at OCLC, British Library. Note only one Z39.50 target can be searched at the same time.
  3. Use the drop down list to choose from Other Searches: Z39.50 Titles Search; Z39.50 Search by ISBN/ISSN; Z39.50 Search by OCLC Number.
  4. You can search in a number of different fields at the same time – Title, Author(s), Year of Publication, ISBN, ISSN, OCLC Number, Keywords.
  5. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
  6. The hitlist presents detailed information, including the media type/sub-type that would be assigned to the record if you were to import it into OLIB.

If you tick the box to select a record in the hitlist you will have options in Other Actions to

  • Examine MARC Record
  • Import Record

If you click the link to view record details this includes field labels to indicate which fields in OLIB, which subject types, etc. the data in the MARC record would be imported to if you were to import the record into OLIB.

The label text used in the details display of Z39.50 records can be configured by the system manager in Admin Client Defaults> Reference Data.

 Note:  standard domain permissions may have been applied by the system manager, so the External Databases search might be hidden from some staff users.