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RDA catalogue procedure

Discover how to catalogue according to Resource Description and Access guidelines in OLIB.

OLIB cataloguing can be used to produce metadata of your library resources according to Resource Description and Access guidelines.

Using the RDA layouts in OLIB, the workflow for RDA cataloguing is as follows:

  1. Go to Titles to create a new title record.
  2. Change to the new RDA layout by selecting from Layouts on the top right. If all your original cataloguing is to be RDA cataloguing, you can make the new RDA layout your default layout by clicking the yellow star.
  3. Set Catalogued To RDA? to Yes. If all your original cataloguing is to be RDA cataloguing, you can configure your OLIB system to default this field to Yes by setting OLIB Defaults: RDA Cataloguing Rules In Use to Yes.
  4. Set the OLIB Media Type and Sub-type as normal.
  5. Select the Mode of Issuance, Content Type, RDA Media Type, Carrier Type accordingly. OLIB supplies defaults for these fields.

 Note: you can set default values in the Media Type and Sub-type records, so that, when you start a new record or when you change to a different media type or sub-type, the fields will be set automatically. The installation process sets RDA appropriate defaults for standard OLIB media types. See RDA Data Elements.

  1. Enter data in the remaining fields in accordance with the RDA cataloguing guidelines and/or your own cataloguing practices. A number of "quick data entry" fields speed up the process wherever you see the >> button.
  2. In an RDA record, the correct MARC tag for the publication details is tag 264 rather than tag 260. Whilst entering the publication details in OLIB, it is therefore important to set the 2nd indicator correctly so that, should you ever export the record in MARC format, the publication details will be included in tag 264 rather than tag 260.

The Second Indicator is included on the standard Publication Details layout.

The Second Indicator field defaults to # - Undefined (260). In RDA cataloguing, it should be set to the relevant “RDA” value, which will almost invariably be 1 – Publication.

If you do not use the standard Publication Details layout, you will have to add the field to your layout using Layout Manager.

  1. Continue to catalogue with other fields on the layout as normal.