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Why do .gif and .jpg files placed in the docs directory appear as broken images when referenced from login.htm?

Applies to
  • EZproxy  

The files in the docs subdirectory act as templates for certain EZproxy functions such as login. EZproxy will only serve its own specific files from the docs subdirectory, totally ignoring any other files placed in this directory.

In EZproxy  the docs subdirectory contains three subdirectories: public, limited, and loggedin. Each of these can be used to hold arbitrary web content.

Any document that is placed in the public directory is available to all users. If you have graphics, style sheets, scripts, or other content you would like to use with your login.htm page, you can place them in this directory. From login.htm, you can reference them with a relative URL such as:

<img src="public/logo.gif">

Files that are in the limited directory are available to people who have already logged into EZproxy, or people who are within an excluded IP range. You can place files in this directory that should be available to any of your users who are either on-site or remotely authenticated. The URL to files in this directory might look like:

Files that are in the loggedin directory are only available to people who have logged into EZproxy. This is a good place to put files that contain sensitive information. You might use it if you want a place to share private information with your users. A sample URL might look like:

Files that are placed in public, limited, and loggedin may only be formed with basic letters (A-Z, a-z), digits (0-9), periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Files that contain any other characters will not be served by EZproxy and will result in a 404 error to the user.

There is no default document for these directories (e.g., no index.html, default.htm, etc.), so attempts to access /public, /limited, and /loggedin without a filename result in a 404.

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