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Upload Patron Parser for Hosted EZproxy

Applies to
  • Hosted EZproxy

1. Your EZproxy must be configured for text file Authentication, this is sometimes referred to as Self-Service or SFTP access.  If you are unsure if this access is configured or need the credentials, contact OCLC Support.

2. Create a plain text file with patron data (using notepad or something similar). It must use UTF-8 encoding.  The file must be a .txt file and cannot be a .csv or other file type.  The first line in the patron data file should be a header of:


Note: This line will be removed by the upload process.

The patron data starts from the second row. In the example below the username would be the patron barcode.


In this example, email addresses are being used as the username:


In this example, you would only be using a barcode for username:


Usernames can not include an apostrophe.

There are no restrictions on password length, passwords are case sensitive and must be ASCII compliant.

3. Drag your file with usernames and passwords over onto the OCLC server.  Do not put it inside any folder.  Just drop it off in the top level directory.  Every 15 minutes, the file will be picked up and immediately placed on your EZproxy server.  The usernames and passwords in the uploaded patron file will be active at that time.  The designated contact will receive an email when this happens.

PLEASE NOTE: Each new upload will completely replace the previous file of users and passwords and will NOT append to the already existing file, so please upload the full list of users and passwords every time.

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