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Resolving 'Cookie Header Too Large' Issue on JStor through EZproxy

Applies to
  • EZproxy

After some extensive clicks and searches, you may notice your browser acting up with a 'cookie too large' error on JStor.


In the past, OCLC Support suggested adding an Option DomainCookieOnly directive to the JStor stanza as a solution. While this appeared to resolve the 'cookie too large' error, it unfortunately brought about some undesirable effects on certain areas of the site. As a result, we've reconsidered this recommendation, and we no longer advise making this change.




"Option DomainCookieOnly specifies that EZproxy should attempt to perform all cookie handling itself, without involving remote user’s browser in cookie handling. The name of this option is somewhat misleading since it actually directs EZproxy to handle both domain and non- domain cookies. All cookies that are set by the web server using HTTP Set -Cookie will be stored by EZproxy and sent back to the remote web server without being presented to the remote user’s browser. Cookies set by JavaScript are blocked from reaching the remote web server."


Due to this behavior, cookies set by JavaScript won't be established when Option DomainCookieOnly is enabled, causing a hindrance to JStor functionality.


The Recommended Solution:

To ensure a seamless experience on JStor through EZproxy, we recommend the following:

Clear Your Cache/Cookies: Regularly clearing your browser's cache and cookies can resolve issues related to cookie size and enhance overall performance.

Use Incognito/InPrivate Mode: Opt for browsing JStor through an Incognito or InPrivate window to avoid conflicts with stored cookies and ensure a fresh start for your session.

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