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In EZproxy, what do I do with my link I am going to have a trial to a Database that will end and then a month later it will be a regular subscription?

  • You have an EZproxy link for a trial that ends and then it will be active in a month and you need to know what to do with the link
Applies to
  • EZproxy

There are two options you can set up for a link that will end a trial and then a month later start a regular subscription:

  1. You can take down your EZproxy link from your Web site when the trial ends and then put it back up when the regular subscription begins.
  2. On your EZproxy link, you can add wording that the regular subscription will begin on a future date on the day the trial ends, and then on the day the regular subscription begins, you can remove the extra wording from the link.
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