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Use socket level logging to generate a Fiddler compliant log file

Learn how to turn on socket level logging to generate a file that is compatible for Fiddler and other similar tools.

EZproxy can capture the browser-to-EZproxy and EZproxy-to-content provider sessions into a Fiddler Session Archive. Admin users and users assigned to the new Admin.Fiddler group can control and use this feature at the new /fiddler URL. A Fiddler capture option also appears in the main administration page.

The file is automatically named with the EZproxy server name, followed by the date and time the file was created. When the file is opened in Fiddler, each original request will appear as a pair of requests:

  • the rewritten version from the browser to EZproxy
  • the unwritten version version sent from EZproxy to the content provider

The headers and bodies can be examined and compared to the requests to determine what EZproxy changed.

Where Option LogSockets had to be turned on and off at the server level through a restart and captured all network traffic, this feature can be turned on and off but an authorized user as needed and only records data while enabled.

The captured sessions are automatically deleted from the EZproxy server within 5 minutes after the session ends.

This feature can be disabled by adding:

Option NoFiddler

to config.txt.

To generate the log file:

  1. Stop EZproxy if it is already running.
  2. Install EZproxy.
  3. Replace the config.txt file with:
    LoginPortSSL 443
    Title OCLC
  4. Replace the user.txt file with:
  5. Start EZproxy interactively.
  6. Go to and login as user admin
  7. Perform SSL configuration.
  8. Return to and press the Fiddler capture option.
  9. Check Enable capture (disables automatically if EZproxy is restarted) and click Apply. A content provider is accessed.
  10. Go to and click the option for OCLC.
  11. When the OCLC page loads, return to
  12. Click the download link to download a .saz file. This file can be saved or opened in Fiddler.
  13. Review the session.