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Learn how to use the ExcludeIPBanner config.txt directive to specify a file that should be sent to users who do not need to have their access proxied before they can access a resource through EZproxy.

ExcludeIPBanner is a position-independent directive that normally appears toward the top of config.txt. ExcludeIPBanner is used to specify that a file should be sent to the users who do not need to have their access proxied before they are allowed access to a resource. For example, can you add a click-through terms of use agreement that will be seen by people who are accessing your resources locally.

ExcludeIPBanner should be followed by the name of a file that is located in the docs subdirectory. This file must contain HTML similar to this:

<a href="^C">Continue to resource</a>

You can change the "Continue to resource" text depending on your prefer, but the link reference of ^C must appear exactly as shown.

If ExcludeIPBanner is present in config.txt and a user accesses a starting point URL from an IP address that matches an ExcludeIP directive, the user will be sent the specified file first. The user can then click the link to continue on to the resource. EZproxy will only present this banner once per browser session.


ExcludeIPBanner policy.html

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